Stony Grove

Stony Grove Estate

For someone looking for an historic project, look no further. This fabulous site, just outside Charlestown, sits on a hill overlooking the sea with the remains of one of last standing great Houses on Nevis. The property includes two houses in good repair-renovations of a stable and carriage houses on the property; also a bake house, and the great house remnants. Over the years, the estate had many owners, first James Tobin, who then mortgaged the estate to his friend and business partner John Pinney, who had many holdings on Nevis. Needless to say, the estate has a very interesting history down over the years--once part of a 358 estate that includes cane lands and pasture.

Additional Information

18th century
Primarily Nevis volcanic stone with some block and masonry additions; some asphalt shingle sidings; galvanized roofs.
The Stables:
A stone and yellow building that was created out of the stables on the property. The house has a living/dining room (16’ x 38’) with an additional patio of 10’ x 16’; a living/recreational room of 24’ x 38’; a large kitchen (12’ x 19’); and three bedrooms 14’ x 14’, 11’ x 10’ and 11’ x 11’. Total area is 2,785 square feet. There is a bathroom (5’x 7’) and an extended patio (12’ x 12’) and an outdoor cistern.
The Carriage House:
A stone three-bedroom house with a huge kitchen (12’ x 17’), large living (17’ x 20’) and dining room (17’ x 20’), bathroom (5’ x 9’), and large back porch (13’ x 33’) overlooking an herb/kitchen garden. Building measures 2,516 square feet. Bedrooms are 12’ x 14’, 12’ x 17’, and 14’ x 14’.
Bake House:
A small stone baking house sits in front of the second cottage; walls and roof are all stone with stone chimney. Size is 14’ x 17’.
Great House:
Remnants of a large great house still stand; first floor walls are standing as well as upstairs walls with window openings. Large stone wall exists across the front with stone sundial in the front yard. There is no roof on the building. The footprint of the building is 1,900 square feet.
There is presently no pool, but there is a large stone-lined open cistern on the property that could be converted into a pool.
Public electrical service, public water supply; telephone, Internet and cable throughout.

Land slopes gently down towards the sea from the property. The property has two entrances both from the island main road, one with large stone estate pillars. House is very well located and convenient to Charlestown for shopping, travelling by ferry, and centrally-located for restaurants on both side of the island.

$1.395 million
6 / 3
1500 +/- sq. ft.

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